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The Quarterly Journal of St. Philaret’s Institute

ISSN: 2658-7599 (print)
2713-3141 (online)

The Idea of the Tradition in G. K. Chesterton’s Works

Olga Plahtienko, Ph.D. in Philology Associate Professor, Literature Department, Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M. V. Lomonosov (Arkhangelsk)
pp. 179–197
The article discovers the significance of the idea of Tradition in philosophical and artistic works by the early twentieth century English writer G. K. Chesterton. The spiritual, ethical and social content of tradition is revealed within Chesterton’s conception. The connection of tradition with “common people’s” attitude to life is identified. The analysis of publicistic and philosophical essays and that of his novel “The Flying Inn” demonstrates the unity of thought and image in Chesterton’s works. It allows to identify the genre nature of his magnum opuses as that of “novels of ideas”.
Keywords: G. K. Chesterton, “Orthodoxy”, tradition, common man, everlastingman, Christianity, “The Flying Inn”, the wine, joy, freedom.

Last Issue2024. Volume 16. Issue 2 (50)

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