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Academic Periodical

The Quarterly Journal of St. Philaret’s Institute

ISSN: 2658-7599 (print)
2713-3141 (online)

Religious Pedagogy and Formation in the Faith

Issue №10, pp. 149–171
Dmitry Karpuk, Ph. D. (Theology), Associate Professor of the Church History Department, St. Petersburg Theological Academy, Head of the Department of Church- Historical and General Humanitarian Disciplines, Pskov-Pechory Theological Seminary
Issue №49, pp. 107–131
Alexander Kopirovsky, Ph.D. in Education, Associate Professor, Professor SFI (Moscow)
Issue №29, pp. 94–104
Alexander Kopirovsky, Ph. D. in Pedagogy, Associate Professor, Head, Department of Theology, St Philaret’s Institute (Moscow)
Issue №37, pp. 109–122
Alexander Kopirovsky, Ph. D. in Education, Professor, St Philaret’s Institute (Moscow)
Issue №23, pp. 74–90
Natalia Likvintseva, Ph. D. (Philosophy), researcher, Alexander Solzhenitsyn Centre for Studies of Russia Abroad
Issue №49, pp. 86–106
Zinaida Lurie, Cand. Sci (History), Researcher at the Laboratory of Educational Content Design, National Research University Higher School of Economics
Issue №49, pp. 132–156
Issue №49, pp. 10–32
Interview with Tatyana Sklyarova, Victoria Gusakova, Inga Lisovskaya, Alexander Kopirovsky, Natalia Chernisheva
Issue №49, pp. 157–180
Issue №49, pp. 60–85
Yulia Balakshina, Dr. Sci. (Philology), Associate Professor, St. Philaret’s Institute, Herzen State Pedagogical University
Issue №49, pp. 33–59
Last Issue2024. Volume 16. Issue 1 (49)

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