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Academic Periodical

    SFI Academic Periodical “The Light of Christ Enlightens All”. The first issue of the academic periodical of St. Philaret’s Christian Orthodox Institute was released in 2007. Since June 2017 it has become peer rewieved. 

    In Russia, Theology has been recognised as an academic dicipline quite recently, and the editorial board aims to inroduce Russian reader with the most important findings of the global theology and contemporary Orthodox theoloical thought.

    SFI academic quarterly publishes research articles, proceedings of round tables and seminars, scholarly discussions as well as archive materials.

    On any questions related to the periodical, you are welcome to write to the following email address: sfi_journal@sfi.ru

    Chief Editor

    Fr. Georgy Kochetkov, MA in Theology, SFI Rector, Department Head for Missiology, Catechetics and Homiletics

    Editorial Council

    1. Yulia Balakshina, Doctor of Philology, Deputy Chief Editor, Assistant Professor at SFI’s Department of Church History
    2. Eugene Vereshchagin, PhD in Philology, Full Professor at the Department of Linguistic Chronology and History of the Russian Language, Russian Language Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences
    3. Olga Evdokimova, PhD in Philology, Full Professor at the Department of Russian Literature, Herzen University
    4. Feodor Kozyrev, PhD in Education, Full Professor at the Department of Pedagogy and Philosophy of Education, Russian Christian Humanitarian Academy
    5. Alexander Kopirovsky, PhD in Education, Full Professor at SFI
    6. Anatoly Krasikov, PhD in History, Full Professor;  Chief Researcher at the Department of Social and Political Studies, Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Sciences
    7. Alexey Mazurov, PhD in History, Full Professor; the Rector of the State Social-Humanitarian University (Kolomna)
    8. Alexander Melik-Pashaev, PhD in Psychology; Chief Researcher at the Psychology Institute, Russian Academy of Education
    9. Svetlana Neretina, PhD, Full Professor; Chief Researcher at the Department of Philosophical Problems of Social and Humanitarian Sciences, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Science
    10. Georges Nivat, Academician at the European Academy (London), Honorary Doctor at the Institute of Russian Literature, Russian Academy of Sciences (Pushkin House), Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (Kiev), the University of Foreign Languages, Harbin (China); Full Professor at the University of Geneva
    11. Elena Ostrovskaya, PhD in Social Studies; professor at the Department of Sociology, St. Petersburg University
    12. Olga Popova, PhD in Arts; Full Professor at the Department of General History of Art, Faculty of History, Moscow State University; Department Head for Byzantine Art, the State Institute for Art Studies
    13. Karl Christian Felmy, PhD in Theology, Honorary Doctor at Moscow Theological Academy and the Theological Faculty, University of Bucharest; Professor in Ordinary of the Department of History and Theology of the Christian East, University of Erlangen
    14. NataliaFomina, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Education, PhD in Pedagogy, Full Professor; the head of the Laboratory of Music and the Visual Arts, The Institute of Arts Education of Russian Academy of Education
    15. Viktor Shamshurin, PhD in Social Studies, Full Professor at the Department of Philosophy, Politics and Law, the Faculty of Philosophy, Moscow State University; a member of the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society; Professor at the Faculty of  Social Studies, St. Tikhon's Orthodox University; Full Professor at the Department of Social Studies and Management of Performing Arts, Moscow State Academy of Choreography
    16. Anna Kostina, PhD in Philosophy, Doctor of Cultural Studies, Professor at Moscow University of Humanities

    Editorial Board

    1. Anna Aliyeva, PhD in Social Studies, Senior Lecturer, SFI
    2. David Gzgzyan, PhD in Philology, SFI Department Head for Theology and Liturgical Studies
    3. Kirill Mozgov, Senior Lecturer, SFI, Head of SFI Publishing unit
    4. Larisa Musina, SFI Department Head for Scripture and Biblical Studies
    5. Konstantin Obozny, PhD in History, SFI Department Head for Church History
    6. Margarita Shilkina, PhD in Philosophy, Dean of SFI’s School of Religious Studies
    Procedure for Reviewing and Publishing Articles
    Instruction for Authors