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Academic Periodical

The Quarterly Journal of St. Philaret’s Institute

Issue 2 (autumn 2010)



The Light of Christ Enlightens All : Academic periodical of St. Philaret's Christian Orthodox Institute. Issue 2. Moscow : St. Philaret's Christian Orthodox Institute, 2010. 235 p.

 Table of Contents

From the Editor
pp. 6 – 7 

Works of SFI Lecturers

Vitaly Borovoy, Archpriest, Doctor of Theology († 2008)
St. Philaret of Moscow and the Spiritual Enlightenment of Russia
pp 9 – 27 
Mikhail Shkarovsky, Doctor of History
Spiritual Daughters of St. John of Kronstadt as New Martyrs and Confessors
pp. 28 – 46
Ernst Christoph Suttner, Priest, Doctor of Theology
Transformation in Understanding Schisms and in Overcoming Them among Christians of the Latin Tradition
pp. 47 – 67

Student Works at SFI's Department of Church History

The Russian Orthodox Church at the turn of XX century

Ekaterina Stepanova
Clergy and Laity in Parish Life of the Russian Orthodox Church in the Early XX century (based on “Diocesan Bishops on Church Reform")
pp. 69 – 81  
Marta Lukaszewicz
The Nativity of the Lord Parish Brotherhood in Saint Petersburg (1863–1871)
pp. 82 – 96
Vadim Slepnyov
Rural Parish Clergy in the Age of the XIX century "Great Reforms"
pp. 97 – 109
Alexander Arkhangelsky
Issues of Family, Religious Marriage and Divorce in the History of the Russian Orthodox Church prior to the 1917–1918 Local Council
pp. 110 – 127  

Church Pastors of XX century

Anna Aliyeva, PhD in Sociology
Monastery in the World. Fr. Alexey Mechyov’s Pastoral Methods
pp. 128 – 139  
Natalia Ignatovich
The Life Story of Priestly Martyr Anatoly Sekundov
pp. 140 – 155
Yulia Balakshina, PhD in Philology
John Fyodorovich Egorov: Orthodoxy and Living in It
pp. 156 – 181 
Anna Dmitrenko
The Life and Work of Priestly Martyr Anatoly Sekundov (1897–1937)
pp. 182 – 198
Ioanna-Yana Kalninya
"This is My Body which is Broken for You": the Pastoral Ministry of Priestly Martyr Dmitry Klepinin (1904–1943)
pp. 199 – 218 
Marina Pisarevskaya
Rostislav Romanovich Lozinsky’s Biography and Doctoral Thesis "Pastor in Parish"
pp. 219 – 234 
SFI Publications on Church History
pp. 235 – 236
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