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Academic Periodical

The Quarterly Journal of St. Philaret’s Institute

Issue 17 (winter 2016)

The present issue of SFI academic periodical comprises articles on church history.



Academic periodical of St Philaret's Christian Orthodox Institute. Iss. 17. 2016. 144 p.

Table of contents

Spiritual education and enlightenment in Russia at the turn of XIX-XX centuries

Olga Sinitsyna
History and Christian Orthodox Bases in A. A. Shteven-Ershova’s Educational Activity (1885–1895) 
pp. 9–24
A.A. Shteven’s work on opening schools of literacy in the late XIX century was known throughout Russia. Compared with the formal education system, her distinctive pedagogical framework evolved independently allowing finding new approaches, principles and forms of educational activities which are of interest for today’s Christian pedagogy. The article describes three stages of A. Shteven’s pedagogical activity and her efforts in opening schools of literacy. The Christian Orthodox principles of her pedagogical system are also outlined. 
Keywords: Christian Orthodox education, Christian pedagogy, schools of literacy, primary education, enlightenment, Alexandra Alexeyevna Shteven-Ershova.
Anna Safronova
Educational Activity of the “Christian Commonwealth of Student Youth” in St Petersburg (1903–1916) 
pp. 25–40
The Christian Commonwealth of Student Youth is a unique phenomenon in the life of the Orthodox Church in the early ХХ century. The article considers the prerequisites for the Commonwealth to emerge, its goals and objectives, its membership as well as its internal life and activity. Special attention is given to the efforts of helping youth in living out the Christian vocation through attaining the Christian worldview, spiritual communion and practical enchurchment of life. The analysis of the Commonwealth’s life and work led to the conclusion about the uniqueness of these ways of the holistic Christian education of young students. 
Keywords: Christian Commonwealth of Student Youth, education, Christian worldview, student youth, Society for religious and moral enlightenment in the spirit of the Orthodox Church, Archpriest Pavel Lakhostsky, enchurchment of youth.

Problems of the history of the Church in the XX century

Konstantin Obozny, PhD in History
On Church Governance of Northern Orthodox Parishes in Pskov Region during the German occupation and within the “New Course” 
pp. 43–78
This article strives to make a comparison study on principles and practical peculiarities of church governance within Pskov diocese during the German occupation and in the early post-war years. This period is characterised by such common features as the absence of ruling bishop, the incoordinate diocesan administration, the numerical lack of parish clergy, the high activism of church laity, and the interference of secular authorities in internal church issues. The German occupation authorities meddled in church issues from pragmatic considerations of their military campaign with USSR. The Soviet government influenced busily the diocese’s church life following the objectives of the conceptual Orthodox change in Soviet Russia. 
Keywords: church governance, church council, rector, ruling bishop, the Pskov Orthodox Mission, the commissioner of the Council for Russian Orthodox Church, “New Course”.

The person in church history

Sergey Shinkevich
Ivan Churikov and His Movement of Nondrinkers 
pp. 81–95
The article outlines the personality of Ivan Churikov, the founder of the movement of nondrinkers, and the early years of this initiative. The author focuses on some issues in the relationship of Ivan Churikov and his followers with official representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church. 
Keywords: Churikov, Churikov’s followers, alcoholism, sobriety society. 
Ulyana Goutner
Mother Maria (Skobtsova) in RSCM: Her Way to Monastic Ministry 
pp. 96–119
Mother Maria (born Elizaveta Yuryevna Skobtsova) took monastic vows in 1932. In previous years, she was an active member of the Russian Student Christian Movement (RSCM). Being of pivotal importance in terms of understanding her way towards monastic ministry, this period of her life still remains understudied. This article focuses on E. Skobtsova’s participation in RSCM conferences and in the Circle of Russian Studies in 1926–1930 as well as on her work as secretary of RSCM in France in 1929–1932. 
Keywords: Mother Maria (Skobtsova), Russian Student Christian Movement, the Circle of Russian Studies, the League of Orthodox Culture.
Man in Secular and Church History Studies: Seminar held by the Church History Department of St. Philaret’s Christian Orthodox Institute 
pp. 120–141
The participants in the seminar consider from different perspectives the issue of man in secular and church history. Yulia Balakshina focuses on the new approaches to the role of person in history in the age of “big narratives” collapsing. Grigory Goutner analyses Heidegger’s concept of correlation between man and history. Vitaly Cherkasov addresses the philosophical understanding of man and history in Karl Jaspers’ works. The final presentation by the Rev. Prof. Georgy Kochetkov opens new theological approaches to this issue. The participants set their sights on the strategies of personal standing tall as well as on the practices by which people make themselves personalities, despite the pressure of the totalitarian states in the XXth century. 
Keywords: history, metahistory, man, person.
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