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The Quarterly Journal of St. Philaret’s Institute

Abstracts and Reviews

Natalya Adamenko, Research Associate, Mission and Catechesis Research and Methodology Centre (Moscow)
Therefore Go. Book Review: Anastasios (Yannoulatos), Archbishop. Even to the Ends of the Earth : Studies in Mission History. Moscow : Sts. Cyril and Methodius Theological Institute of Postgraduate Studies, 2018. 224 p.
Выпуск №28, pp. 203–207
Kirill Aleksandrov, Ph.D. in History, Associate Professor, St Philaret’s Institute (Moscow, Saint Petersburg)
Disputes over the Ruin
Выпуск №33, pp. 187–216
Book Review: Zubov B. A. Russia. 1917. The Catastrophe : Lectures on Russian Revolution. Moscow : Ripol Classic Publishing House : Pangloss, 2019. 317, [3] p.
Viktor Alexandrov, Ph.D. in Medieval Studies, Independent scholar (Hungary, Budapest)

Book review: Protopr. Nikolay Afanasyev. Willow of Edessa and his time

Выпуск №26, pp. 206–209
Yulia Antipina, Independent scholar (Saint Petersburg)
Book abstract: Sergei Nikolayevich Bulgakov / Ed. A. P. Kozyrev. Moscow : Political Encyclopaedia, 2020. 631 p. : ill. (Philosophy of Russia in the first half of the twentieth century)
Выпуск №37, pp. 205–207
DOI: 10.25803/SFI.2021.37.1.014
Yulia Balakshina, Doctor of Philology Assistant Professor, Academic Secretary, Saint Philaret’s Institute (Russia, Moscow)
Reviewing the Debates
Выпуск №21, pp. 153–164

Yulia Balakshina, Doctor of Philology, Associate Professor, Academic Secretary, St. Philaret’s Institute (SFI) (Russia, Moscow)

Book review: History of church brotherhoods in Russia

Выпуск №25, pp. 198–202
Yulia Balakshina, Doctor of Philology, Associate Professor, Academic Secretary, St. Philaret’s Institute (SFI) (Russia, Moscow)

Book review: St. Petersburg Martyrologue: On the 100th Anniversary of the Beginning of the Persecution against Believers in God in Russia

Выпуск №24, pp. 170–175
Irina Bulanova, Ph.D. in Psychology, Associate Professor of Psychology Department, Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of Education, Moscow State Pedagogical University (Moscow)
Book review: Psychology of Religion in Russia in XIX and early XXI centuries : [Joint monograph] / Ed. by K. M. Antonov. М. : PSTGU, 2019. 534, [2] p.
Выпуск №34, pp. 256–260
Dmitry Kalugin, Ph.D. in Philology, Professor, Senior Research Fellow, HSE Campus in Saint Petersburg (Saint Petersburg)
Yulia Balakshina, Doctor of Philology, Academic Secretary, St Philaret’s Institute; Associate Professor, Herzen State Pedagogical University (Moscow; Saint Petersburg)
Book Review: Manchester L., Sdvizhkova D. (eds.) (2019). Faith and Selfhood in a Changing Society: Autobiography and Orthodoxy in Russia in the late 17th and early 20th centuries: [collection of articles]. Moscow : New literary review. 408 p.
Выпуск №36, pp. 271–275
Sergey Firsov, Doctor of History Professor, UNESCO Chair, A. I. Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University (Saint Petersburg)
Betrothal to Christ: Orthodox Brotherhoods in Russia. Book review: Orthodox Brotherhoods in the History of Russia: On the 100th Anniversary of Patriarch Tikhon’s Calling to Forge Spiritual Bonds in Community: a collection of research papers : In 2 v. Moscow: Transfiguration Centre for Culture and Education, 2018.
Выпуск №32, pp. 214–219
Dmitry Gasak, First Vice Rector, St Philaret’s Institute (Moscow)
Zoya Dashevskaya, Senior Lecturer, St. Philaret’s Institute (Moscow)
Book review: The Systemic Problems of Orthodoxy: Analysis, Relaxion, 
Search for Solutions. Materials of the first seminar. Мoscow : “Sobornost” Project, 2020. 104 p.
Выпуск №37, pp. 190–199
DOI: 10.25803/SFI.2021.37.1.012
Alexander Kopirovsky, Ph.D. in Education, Professor, SFI (Moscow)
Book review: Matveeva Yu. G. Decorative fabrics in Ravenna mosaics. Semantics and cultural and semantic context. Kiev; Kharkiv: Spirit and Litera, 2016 
Выпуск №27, pp. 174–178
Aleksandr Lavrov, Doctor of History Professor, Paris-Sorbonne University (Paris)
Book review: Vorobyova N. V. Patriarch Nikon: Power, Faith, Image. Moscow, St. Petersburg : Centre for Humanitarian Initiatives, 2019. 343 p.
Выпуск №32, pp. 201–208
Natalya Likvinceva, Ph.D. in Philosophy, Senio r Researcher, Alexander Solzhenitsyn House for the Russian Diaspora (Moscow)
Book Review: Ermishin O. T. Philosophy of the Russian Abroad of the XX Century. Мoscow; St. Petersburg : Summer garden (“Letniy Sad”), 2019. 303, [1] p.
Выпуск №33, pp. 226–229
Irina Mochalova, Ph.D. in Philosophy, Associate Professor, Department of the History of Philosophy, Institute of Philosophy, Saint Petersburg State University (Saint Petersburg)
To Translate Means to Understand (on the Release of the New Russian Translation of Plato’s dialogue “Sophist”)
Выпуск №33, pp. 217–222
Book Review: Plato. The Statesman / Translation, analysis, comments, annexes by I. A. Protopopova. St. Petersburg : Plato philosophical Society, 2019. 261 p.
Elena Nepoklonova, Ph.D. in Philology, Associate Professor, Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping (St. Petersburg)
Book Review: Annenkova E. I. Konstantin Aksakov. The Joyfulness of the Spirit. St. Petersburg : Rostok, 2018. 320 p.
Выпуск №31, pp. 243–253
Konstantin Obozny, Ph.D. in History, Head of the Department of Church History, SFI (Moscow; Pskov)
Book review: O. V. Borisova. Persecuted, but not Abandoned: The Diocese of Tashkent and Central Asia, 1943–1961. Moscow : SFI, 2019. 446 p.: ill.
Выпуск №29, pp. 156–159
Konstantin Obozny, Ph.D. in History, Head of the Department of Church History, Saint Philaret’s Institute (Russia, Moscow)

Book Review: The Way from the Shepherd to the Pastor: Protopr. Vitaly Borovoi: In memoriam.

Выпуск №26, pp. 200–205
Konstantin Obozny, PhD in History, Head of the Department of Church History, SFI (Russia, Moscow)

Petrov I.V. The Orthodox Baltic States of 1939-1953: The period of wars, repressions and international contradictions

Выпуск №22, pp. 108–110
Olga Orlova, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Theology, St Philaret’s Institute (Moscow)
Book review: Dikhanova-Vnukovskaya L. А. “Instead of Miracles or the Gift of Prophecy”: Jesuit Missionary Strategy in Asia in the Sixteenth Century. St. Petersburg : Aletheia, 2020. 224 p. : ill.
Выпуск №37, pp. 200–204
DOI: 10.25803/SFI.2021.37.1.013
Tatiana Pantchenko, Ph.D. in Philosophy, independent researcher (Amsterdam)
Theology of theological academies and theology of the laity? Book Review: Antonov K. M. (2020). How religion is possible? Philosophy of religion and philosophical problems of theology in Russian religious thought of the 19th – 20th centuries: In 2 v. Moscow : PSTGU Publ. V 1. 605, [1] p .; V. 2. 366, [2] p.
Выпуск №36, pp. 249–270
Irina Protopopova, Ph.D. in Cultural Studies, Associate Professor, Head of the Platonov Research Center, Russian State Humanitarian University; Editor in Chief, Journal “Platonic Investigations” (Moscow)
Book Review: P lato. The Statesman / Translation, analysis, comments by R. V. Svetlov. St. Petersburg : Plato philosophical Society, 2019. 212 p.
Выпуск №33, pp. 223–225
Rodion Savinov, Ph.D. in Philosophy, Senior lecturer, Saint Petersburg State Academy of Veterinary Medicine (Saint Petersburg)
Book review: Vdovina G. V. Intentionality and Life : Philosophical Psychology of Post-Medieval Scholasticism. Moscow, St. Petersburg : Centre for Humanitarian Initiatives, 2019. 588 [4] p. (Humanitas)
Выпуск №32, pp. 209–213
Olga Yaroshevskaya, Ph. D. in Medicine, Associate Professor, Hospital Pediatrics Department, Russian National Research Medical University (RNRMU) (Moscow)
Abstract: Hengel M., Schwemer A.-M. Jesus and Judaism. Moscow: St. Andrew’s Biblical Theological Institute, 2016. 724 p. (contemporary biblical studies)
Выпуск №30, pp. 247–250
Larisa Musina, Olga Yaroshevskaya,  
Annotation of the book: Behr J. John the Theologian and his Paschal Gospel: A Prologue to Theology (Beer J. John the Theologian and his Easter Gospel: A Prologue to Theology)
Выпуск №27, pp. 171–173
Gleb Yastrebov, Senior lecturer, St Philaret’s Institute (Moscow)
Book review: Kloppenborg J. S. Christ’s Associations: Connecting and 
Belonging in the Ancient City. New Haven; London : Yale University Press, 2019. 536 p.
Выпуск №37, pp. 186–189
DOI: 10.25803/SFI.2021.37.1.011
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