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Academic Periodical

The Quarterly Journal of St. Philaret’s Institute

ISSN: 2658-7599 (print)
2713-3141 (online)

Friendship in the Economy of the Church (Reflections of Fr. Pavel Florensky)

Tatyana Panchenko, Ph.D. in Philosophy
pp. 51–74
The present paper is a study of the notion of friendship (or philic love) as viewed by Pavel Florensky in his work The Pillar and Ground of the Truth. The notion of friendship is Florensky’s response to the theory of the ascetic eros seen as a path to individual immortality — a theory that enjoyed popularity in the beginning of the twentieth century. Florensky understands friendship as an ontological reality which makes it possible for human nature to transform.
Keywords: friendship (philia), eros, agape, person and thing, homooúsios and homoiousios, kenosis, multiple-one entity, «molecule of love», Church.

Last IssueIssue 45 (winter 2023)

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