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The Quarterly Journal of St. Philaret’s Institute

ISSN: 2658-7599 (print)
2713-3141 (online)

Cursory Notes on Totality, Secularity, and Russian Philosophy

Vladislav Shaposhnikov, Ph.D. in Philosophy
pp. 100–112
This paper is a polemical response to Grigory Goutner’s “Secularity, Post-Secularity, and Russian Religious Philosophy”. The discussion is centered around the issue of the correlation between totality and network-type integrity, while secularization is interpreted as an attempt to shift the integrity type from the former to the latter. The project of naturalism is the contemporary realization of the secular way of thinking; nevertheless, it failed to take its place among the items discussed in the Goutner’s article. The Goutner’s project of complementary discourses is opposed by the project to connect the network-type integrity and the totality on equal grounds and within the same conceptual framework. In this context it is challenged that Russian religious philosophy has been working exclusively within the paradigm of totality. Finally, the prospects of Russian religious philosophy are discussed.
Keywords: totality, integrity, fragmentariness, network-type integrity, theological determinism and free will, secularity, the project of naturalism, Russian religious philosophy.

Last IssueIssue 45 (winter 2023)

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