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Missionary Work in the Yekaterinburg Diocese in the late XIX and early XX century (on the basis of the Yekaterinburg Diocesan Bulletin, 1886–1917)

Dmitry Kashtanov
pp. 37–54
On the basis of the Yekaterinburg Diocesan Bulletin (1886–1917), this article deals with the missionary work of the Yekaterinburg diocese focused primarily on internal mission. In the XIX century two types kinds of mission emerged in the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) – external mission (to non-Christians and Pagans) and internal mission (to former Orthodox believers who fell into Old Belief and sectarianism as well as to Orthodox themselves). Throughout the Yekaterinburg diocese, external mission was addressed to Vogul Pagans and Muslims (Tatars and Bashkirs). The missionary work of the ROC in the Yekaterinburg diocese was carried out within domestic policy implemented through decisions of the Holy Synod, a body of church and state authority.
Keywords: Yekaterinburg diocese, internal mission, external mission, Yekaterinburg Diocesan Bulletin, St Simeon Verkhotursky Brotherhood, state missionary policy.

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