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Greetings to Professor Vassiliadis

Петрос Василиадис
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Dear Professor Vasiliadis, 

Please accept the most heartily congratulations on the occasion of your seventy fifth birthday from professors and teachers of St. Philaret’s Institute and members of the Transfiguration Brotherhood. 

Generous and merciful God endowed you with many gifts and granted you sober zeal for His Church and a caring concern about the arrangement of the Church life and its ministries. Many people have been able to deepen their christianity and gain firmness on their way to God thanks to your persistent theological search, creative meditation on the word of God and contribution to the life of One Church. We thank God for one spirit in the fraternal union of peace and for our fraternal communication in Christ which are strongly needed in the Church today. 

May God bless you with yet many years of life and work and inspiration of His Holy Spirit in order to continue your service to God and His Church. May you always have faithful assistants at your hand to help you continue grow “to the measure to the stature of the fullness of Christ”. 

Christ among us! 

With fraternal love in Christ, 
Priest Georgy Kochetkov, founder of St. Philaret’s Institute, spiritual farther of the Transfiguration Brotherhood 
Aleksey Mazurov, Rector of St. Philaret’s Institute 
Dmitry Gasak, Vice-Rector of St. Philaret’s Institute, chairman of the Transfiguration Brotherhood 
Professors and teachers of St. Philaret’s Institute and members of the Transfiguration Brotherhood