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Faculty of Theology

Theological education is designed to help a person to see the Orthodox tradition in its integrity and depth, to learn to distinguish between the main and the secondary in it, so that everyone can self-sustainably understand the complex issues of the history and modern life of the church.

Education at the Faculty of Theology is aimed at comprehensive training of students in theological and humanitarian disciplines, Orthodox worship, Holy Scripture, church history. Serious attention is paid to the teaching of missiology, catechetics and homiletics — courses related to church preaching and the tradition of passing on the experience of faith.

The Faculty implements bachelor’s and master’s level higher education programs.


Address: 105066, Moscow, Tokmakov per., 11

Phone: +7 (499) 261 41 13
E-mail: dekanat@sfi.ru
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The Federal Service for the Supervision of Education and Science License d. 29/12/2022
Government Accreditation Certificate d. 26/01/2023
Russian Orthodox Church Accreditation Certificate d. 01/12/2022