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Faculty of History

Studying at the Faculty of History will allow students to holistically comprehend the Russian history of the 20th century — the most controversial and least studied period in the history of our country. The Faculty has two programs: a master’s level higher education programe in The History of the Russian Orthodox Church in the 20th c., and a professional retraining program in The social History of the Fatherland. The programs will be of interest to university teachers — not only those of History, but also of Philosophy, Cultural studies, Political science, Sociology and other humanitarian disciplines, — as well as to school teachers, and graduates of universities.

An important place in the both programes is given to source studies and the methodology of historical research, as well as to the study and analysis of the most stable stereotypes that still exist in the popular consciousness.


Address: 105066, Moscow, Tokmakov per., 11

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