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Faculty of Religious Studies

At the heart of the concept of the Faculty of Religious Studies is attention to the person and her personal experience of faith, which allows not to reduce the concept of religion only to the level of ideas: dogmas, mythology or cult, as well as to avoid ideological extremes in teaching. Acquaintance with the diversity of the spiritual experience of mankind helps to learn to distinguish the living experience of faith from the mass everyday religiosity.

The Faculty runs a two year professional retraining program in Religion, Culture and Society, and a postgraduate training program in Christian-Muslim Relations.

Leading Russian specialists teach at the Faculty. Most of the courses taught are authorly, they cover well-known world religions, new religious movements, as well as a range of major humanitarian disciplines.

Our programs take into account the diverse personal and professional goals of students. Teachers, journalists, guides and everyone who is not indifferent to issues of culture, history, philosophy, spiritual searches of a person will be able to choose the right program for themselves.

Education at the Faculty of Religious Studies is not only lectures, but also excursions, trips, meetings with representatives of different faiths, the opportunity to participate in the Faculty’s research and scientific projects.


Address: 105066, Moscow, Tokmakov per., 11

Phone: +7 (915) 063 53 93, +7 (962) 986 91 08
E-mail: relfak@sfi.ru