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SFI Publishing

The SFI Publishing was founded in 1991. The Institute publishes specialist literature in Theology, Catechetics, Philosophy, Church History, Biblical Studies, Religious Studies, and Church Art, as well as books for those who are interested in basic questions concerning the Christian faith and life, traditions and culture.

We publish collections of sermons, interviews and discussions on spiritual issues for those who seek answers to questions about life and death, love and suffering, good and evil, freedom and calling. In addition to contemporary authors, the Institute has published the works of various 20th c. church authors and witnesses to the faith, including Mother Maria (Skobtsova), new martyrs Anatoly Zhurakovsky and Mikhail Shik, Sister Joanna Reitlinger, and nun Elena Kazimirchak-Polonskaya. 

Our publishing house has also brought to print the sermons of confessors of the faith Archimandrite Tavrion (Batozsky) and Fr. Pavel Adelgeim, and the works of Nikolay Nepluyev (a leading pre-revolutionary activist in both church and society) and Fr. Nikolay Afanasiev.

A seven-tome series of liturgical texts in Russian, produced under the leadership of SFI Rector Georgy Kotchetkov, has been printed and reprinted several times. These books, which reproduce the Church Slavonic text alongside the Russian, together with commentary and historical notes, are a completely unique resource not only for those who serve in the church, students of theology, and catechists, but also for anyone who is striving to more completely understand our Orthodox Christian church worship, so as to participate to the fullest possible extent.

The Institute publishes an academic journal entitled SFI Journal, which is listed by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles under the rubric, “Theology” (26.00.01).  The journal is an outlet for recent works and works in translation in the fields of Theology and Philosophy, History, Biblical Studies, Liturgics and Sacramentology, as well as for the publication of conference materials, new sources, and summary and review articles.

The Institute publishes contemporary works in Ecclesiology, Anthropology, Catechetics, 20th c. Russian Church History, Church Art, the Teaching of the faith, and the works of theologians and scholars from abroad, including Karl Christian Felmy, Archbishop John (Zizioulas), Christos Yannaras, Robert Götz, and others. 

The Institute also publishes unique study guides and methodological aids prepared by its leading teachers, and materials from theological research conferences and conferences aimed at the integration of church and society, which have been organized and run by the Institute itself.