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SFI Publishing

SFI Publishing unit was founded in 1991 to meet the demand of the time, i.e. to reintroduce the readers within what had been the Soviet Union to the names and the writings that, in the best case scenario, had previously existed only in samizdat format. Subsequently, the Institute’s publications came to reflect central aspects of the staff’s academic research and cultural activities.

Special attention is given to missiology and catechetics research. To date, SFI Publishing has issued a number of articles and monographs on the theory, history and practice of mission and catechesis, including the Catechism and other works by the Rector, Fr. Georgy Kochetkov, along with teaching guidelines and recommendations for catechists.

The highlight of the Institute’s publishing efforts is the Russian-language ‘Orthodox Worship’ translation series containing parallel texts in Church Slavonic.

Another major project was the ‘Orthodox Community’ journal (1990-2000), which contained a whole array of riches, in the form of previously inaccessible and undiscovered theological thought.

SFI publishes the proceedings of its theology and training conferences on a regular basis.

In 2007, the Institute released The Quarterly Journal of St. Philaret's Institute.

SFI has published writings by Archpriest Sergius Bulgakov, Protopresbyters Alexander Schmemann and Nikolay Afanasyev, Archimandrite Cyprian (Kern), Pavel Evdokimov et al, including previously unpublished materials.

Numerous works by contemporary foreign (primarily Orthodox) theologians have been published. Among them are the works of Archbishop Anastasios (Yannoulatos), Metropolitan John Zizioulas, Metropolitan George (Khodr), Protopresbyter John Meyendorff, Olivier Clement, Christos Yannaras and many others.

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