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Fr Georgy Kochetkov and a group of Orthodox youth visit Bose

Fr Georgy Kochetkov with the group of young Orthodox pilgrims

Fr Georgy Kochetkov with the group of young Orthodox pilgrims

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From the 15th to the 20th of May 2017, a group of Orthodox youth from the Transfiguration Fellowship of Minor Orthodox Brotherhood, together with Fr Georgy Kochetkov, with whom we’ve been bound by the ties of friendship and cooperation for many years, visited the monastery at Bose. After visiting the monastery, at which the pilgrims became familiar with the lives of our brothers and sisters though common work and study, the pilgrims left to visit friends of ours in Cellole and Assisi.

At Bose, the Russian guests met with Brother Luchiano. In addition, in meetings with the community the pilgrims spoke of their experience of prayer, repentance and witness within Russia on a national level, and of their personal/family histories as they pertain to the events of the Russian Revolution, within the framework of their brotherhood’s initiative entitled “1917-2017: Calling Our Nation to Repentance – Those Who Have Hope”. “In almost every Russian family,” said Fr Georgy, “amongst our close relatives we have both those who were repressed and those who were hangmen in the Soviet camps. We will only be able to accept the truth within ourselves, our church, our families and our nation, if we recognize and admit this evil that we have committed. This is how we can actualize the inheritance of the Russian New Martyrs and manifest real hope.”

The Transfiguration Brotherhood, which was founded by Fr Georgy in 1990, consists of smaller brotherhoods all across Russia. In different churches all across the country these brotherhoods do the work of catechesis and reception in the Christian life, they give aid to the poor and thought to the themes that beset today’s society and pull on every Christian heart. In Moscow, they operate St Philaret’s Christian Orthodox Institute.

Source: Bose Monastery Website

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