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A ‘Book’ About Fr. Pavel Adelheim

Руководитель авторского коллектива выставки Светлана Чукавина провела первую экскурсию по экспозиции выставки

Дмитрий Гасак
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The exhibition is organised by the Transfiguration Brotherhood, Transfiguration Centre for Culture and Education, St Philaret's Christian Orthodox Institute (SFI) and the Memorial Society.

“Our exhibition is entitled ‘The Witness,’” said Dmitry Gasak, Senior Vice-Rector of St Philaret’s Institute. “The first Christian martyrs were called witnesses because through their martyrdom they bore witness to truth, love and freedom. Fr. Pavel was a true witness who had seen and suffered much. He managed to preserve his faith in the midst of his suffering, remaining good-hearted and merciful”.

Arseny Roginsky, Chairman of the Board of the Memorial Society, reminded us that Fr. Pavel suffered imprisonment in the Soviet camps. The values of freedom, law and historical memory were of great importance to him. Fr. Pavel wrote sharply about internal church problems and the condition of the modern state. He regarded these issues as related to an attitude towards the person. Fr. Pavel was an understanding and loving person who tried to help everyone. “This exhibition is like a voluminous book about Fr. Pavel Adelheim. Let us read it,” he concluded.

Yury Dzeva, head of the Pskov branch of the Memorial Society, said that Fr. Pavel was one of its originators. In 1989 he ran for the Supreme Council and promised in his election campaign: “I will fulfill deputy’s responsibilities in the same way as I have carried out my pastoral ministry”.

Many participants shared evocative memories of Fr. Pavel’s life and ministry during the exhibition’s opening: Alexander Kopirovsky, Professor of St Philaret’s Institute, Maxim Yakubson, director of the documentary ‘One Day in Fr. Pavel’s Life,’ Alexander Kalikh, Chairman Emeritus and founder of the Perm branch of the Memorial Society, Elena Volkova, member of the Transfiguration Brotherhood in Pskov, and others. Svetlana Chukavina, head of the exhibition’s authoring team, conducted the first exhibition tour. The exhibition presents photographs, archival documents, and personal items belonging to Fr. Pavel and people from his inner circle — Archbishop Ermogen (Golubev), mother Eugenia Miller and others.

The exhibition will be closed on 2 November, shortly after Remembrance Day for the Victims of Political Repression.

Exhibition address: Karetny Ryad Street, 5/10

Exhibition hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 10 am to 5 pm

Contact phone number: +7 495 699 65 81

Tours: +7 968 764 52 12

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