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“Meeting of the Lord” Conference

24th “Meeting of the Lord” Conference

We wish to invite papers from undergraduate and graduate students and younger scholars, for participation in our 24th Annual “Meeting of the Lord” Conference, which will take place at St Philaret’s Institute in Moscow, on the 24th of February, 2018.

On the 24 of February, 2018, on the occasion of the Orthodox holiday of the Meeting of the Lord, St Philaret’s Christian Orthodox Institute will host the 24rd Annual “Meeting of the Lord” theological and research conference, aimed at encouraging presentations by students and younger scholars.

The conference will comprise a plenary session, as well as meetings of the following five focus groups:

  • Missiology and Catechetics
  • Scripture and Liturgics
  • Theology and Philosophy
  • Church History
  • The Study of Religion

The conference will take place at St Philaret’s Institute, which is located at 29, Pokrovka st., in Moscow.

How to apply for participation and how to format a paper

If you wish to present a paper at the 2018 “Meeting of the Lord” Conference, we ask that you submit (by email: dekanat@sfi.ru):

1) an application form (see link below) and summary of the thesis of your proposed paper, by 25 January, 2018;
2) the full text of your proposed paper, no later than 1 February.

The text should be presented in the form of a scholarly article (see the Rules for Formatting a Paper). Conference participants will receive a digital collection of the papers, formatted as scholarly articles. The collection will be given out after the end of the conference together with an ISBN for the collection, which will be included in the RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index).

About the conference

St Philaret’s institute has been holding out the “Meeting of the Lord” Conference for undergraduate and graduate students and younger scholars annually since 1995. The main goal of the conference is to foster discussion surrounding fundamental issues which are relevant today in the fields of Theology, Philosophy, Church History, Ecclesiology and Catechetics, as well as for the development of Christian witness and mission in the modern world, and for tackling various difficult aspects of interfaith dialogue. Traditionally, conference papers are drawn from among the most interesting work of students, scholars and teachers of both schools of theology and secular institutions of higher learning.

Telephone for enquiries: +7 (495) 623 03 80; 625 77 86
E-mail: dekanat@sfi.ru, info@sfi.ru

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