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Father Georgy Kochetkov

Rector, Head of Department of Missiology, Catechetics and Homiletics
M.A. in Theology
Отец Георгий Кочетков
The raison d’etre of theological education is to allow each student to experience knowledge of God, God-given revelation, the living word and tradition of the church not as a passive observer but an active minister. Our hope was to create a Christian institute that would offer education not lacking in spirituality or marred by instrumentalisation, sectarian reserve, scholasticism and disconnection from the issues of today’s life in society and the church’s practice.

Founder and Rector of St. Philaret’s Christian Orthodox Institute. Founder and spiritual father of the Transfiguration Brotherhood. M.A. in Theology (St. Sergius Orthodox Theological Institute, Paris). Translator of Orthodox liturgical texts into Russian. Author of monographs on Catechetics, based on his personal long-term pastoral, missionary and catechetic experience. He has also written extensively on Missiology, and pastoral and dogmatic Theology – in particular on Ecclesiology, and issues in theological and humanities education and formation.

Taught disciplines:
‘Introduction to Basic Concepts of Orthodox Mysticism’, ‘Issues in Missiology, Catechetics and Homiletics’, ‘Issues in Ecclesiology’, ‘Issues in Sacramentology’, ‘Issues in Mysticism’

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